That smile


Artist : Manish Lakhani
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We made a deal, it she does not like picture, I will delete it for sure.

That evening I was walking here in Nagaland, a far off village. People was curious as I was walking around without a guide. We could talk with few english words and finally a young boy came to my help and I could continue my talk with locals. An old man was sitting outside of is house and enjoying late evening sun. I was told he was grid hunter in his young days and talk went for long time. I was offered rice beer and I said i don’t drink beers, but denying a local customs are offence and people feel bad too. It took a little while to make them understand and I was offer tea as they don’t like to send their guest away without having any drink.

While having tea and discussion about old man’s early days, I heard some sound continuously in background, I could not stop my curiosity and asked what kind of should is this, I was answered ladies members are working inside; cleaning / crushing grains. I asked for permission to entire into house and I was lead by them inside. Small dark room with single door was perfect light conditions to make a picture. I asked them shall I take picture ? They started giggling and said “NO” I asked why ? reply was simple we are not good looking. Again young boy was a great help and I asked him to tell her if she doesn’t like picture, I will delete and now she asked to send a printout, and prints are already sent.

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